No rest for the wicked

Fore-inserted afterthought: While I was simply planning to write about the odd hours that I’ve been subject to in my B-school experience, the flow of writing led to me to rant continuously and make this whole post into a B-school rant as such.

Hah. Gotcha! I made that preamble before I even started writing the post. But enough trolling. Let me start my awesome discourse.

B-schools suck. There is no other easy way to put it. There is also no better way to put it. Although, I have been exposed to more cultural difference here than I have been anywhere in my entire life, I really don’t care much for it. Also, it has given me even greater insight into how stupid Amits really are and how people perceive the south. I wouldn’t say they are wrong as much as they are utterly, totally, completely ignorant of anything south of MP. But that’s them and it’s better not to change it or Twitter may become boring again (KRK, nee thala da).

There is a stark contrast when you come from engineering into MBA. Unless of course, you’ve studied in one of those unheard of colleges spread all over the north like the vultures that feast on a carcass till the bones are the only things left. That was actually a very clever analogy. I’m sure you appreciated it. Anyway, back to the point. I observe things a lot. And then I note it down in my blog. I don’t know why. Writing is a neurosis. I’ve been exposed to too much Tolkien and Vyasa. Also, I digress.

Anyway, my experience has been more unique than most MBA students. I have moved from a 10 day stint in one of the top 10 colleges in India to an year outside the country in a (literal) desert. Of course, I’m sitting in an AC with very fast internet but unless you give me a chance to travel back in time and take a photo with Schrodinger, I’d prefer being home. Home is where the filter coffee is, after all. All this, of course (again), is besides the point. I should really edit my thoughts when I write them down.

So, I’ve moved on. Back in India, the college was filled with these over enthusiastic bundles of energy. Any question in class, any comment from a teacher, any group activity had like a 1000 people to volunteer for it. It was so different from engineering where anyone hardly ever volunteered to work on something. I mean, there was enough brain damage just attending college in those days. My surprise of course, was short lived. I found a like minded group that partied hard, didn’t volunteer to take on more work and was, generally, my type. Except they talked. A lot.

The phrase “Man is a social animal” cannot be applied to Amits. Why? Because Aristotle definitely set reasonable bounds to how much talking a human needed to do in a day to satisfy his .. er, needs (for want of a better word). Amits transcend that limit .. and then they transcend it a little more .. and a little more. You get the point. They talk a lot.

In one of my crazier thought experiments, I tried surmising how it would be to let two Amits in the same room and leave them there for a fortnight. According to my back of the envelope calculations, the energy required for them to talk as much as they usually do would completely sap them of energy and leave them skeletons .. that will still keep talking. So I put in a few more variables. What if they had food supply and water and oxygen etc? Then I realised the room would become a nuclear reactor with the amount of energy they expel while talking. So I extended the thought experiment a little more .. What if we could somehow harness this energy? Would it satisfy the power requirements of India? Then … my download finished. I’d have been a very successful academician if this stupid internet didn’t exist.

But back to the point. The like minded Amits I found here are pretty awesome and I’m slowly growing to like their company. Although their ignorance of computers seems almost too bad to be true, I’ve found that there does exist such a thing. Even the cleverest Amit here couldn’t understand my point when I told him why Windows is better than Mac is almost every which way. So I’ve come to regard them as Indian version of Americans – they talk, eat and burp. And they use macs. They also party hard. So yes, there is something in common.

The worst part about MBA though, is the insane workload. I took the time to draw a graph and show how it progresses.

But I’d just make calluses on my finger tips if I started talking about it. Suffice it to say that in my entire 4 years of engineering, including the penultimate disaster of a semester, I did not have HALF as much work as I have in one week over here. Of course, if I was in EEE, that’d be a different thing entirely.

As the workload and the environment have taught me, living in AC really makes you forget the time .. even though you have windows. I have now done every single possible combination of routines that even a junkie would find mildly disturbing. Wake up at night and stay up till morning? Done. Stay awake for almost 48 hours continuously and then sleep for only 6? Done. Start hallucinating due to lack of sleep and still keep on working to meet deadlines? Done. The one thing that helped though was the AC. I could not have done even half this much work if I was back in India trudging around in that soul sucking heat.

I’m also fighting a personal war with my net administrator here who has taken it upon himself to block every single site of use inside the Academic block and torrents inside the hostel. Thankfully, oppressing authority is not a new thing and I have found quite a few workarounds of my own in a few minutes of web searching. Suffice it to say, as long as connection to the internet exists, freedom will as well.

There you have it. I’m far far away from home, I’m working my ass off in some course I do not foresee myself liking any time in the near future and I haven’t had thayir saadam with aavakai urgaa or filter coffee in 4 months. Oh well. Since I’ve joined the course, I might as well see it to its (bitter?) end. As a wise man once said, “Life is too short for regrets”.



I will start this philosophically. I don’t care what anyone says about my mental health. It’s just that sometimes, I NEED to let things out. And I hate doing so to other people. I’d rather that an unknown server somewhere stored this information and some random viewer see it and pass on. Yes, my social skills are that bad. So sue me 😐

In a person’s life, there are good times. Then there are bad times. Then there is the phase I’m going through today. It’s called “Oh crap”. It’s like I’m Arthur Dent. That the universe felt that it should maintain the (good luck : bad luck) ratio and came up with the brilliant idea of dumping all the bad luck on one guy to balance the rest of the world. Guess who the guy was 😐

I usually don’t bother putting effort. I know that unless I go all out on something in particular, it never works out. I found out today that if I don’t go all out on something, it turns out f**ked up as well. So, what do I resort to? I resort, with all my conscience and contemptuous attitude, to show the finger to the universe. Take all you want, you bitch. I will definitely not respond to any societal pressure from now on. Nope. None of it.

There are some rules of the society I absolutely do NOT understand.

#1 : You’re hitting puberty. You should gawk at girls your age.

_|_ … I don’t give a damn. I know I’m not gay. Also, I don’t have the slightest interest in gawking at girls. Save me some time. And STOP poking fun at me for it.

#2 : You should keep in touch with friends and family.

I’m definitely not a great fan of social networking. I quit Facebook (No stupid comments) for a reason. I don’t make calls for a reason. I text, rarely. Unless you’re as close to me as to know what’s going on in most aspects of my life, I don’t WANT to talk to you. Yes, I’m a social misfit, I’m a recluse, I’m an asshole. So WHAT? What are you gonna do about it? You wanna know? You can’t do SHIT! Yep, that’s right.

#3 : You should score marks.

My greatest bane. My biggest nightmare. And my most IRRITATING conformation rule. I will show the finger to the society. The rest of the world may care about marks. I DO NOT! I don’t give a damn. Do marks define you? No. What those articles say are true. People will tell you that those articles are for making the losers feel better. I’ll tell you .. They’re for making the people who score in subjects they have ZERO interest in to feel the intensity of their stupidity. I hate those kinds of people. They’re not nerds. They’re not geeks. They’re what we call in India, as padips. They have no reason to study a particular subject but to get marks. Their existence has no meaning. But, for the world out there, they define the above average intellect people. They are the ones who work like workhorses and put in 60 hour weeks. If you classify yourself into this category, I’m not going to say sorry. But PLEASE! GET A LIFE!!

#4 : No Vices.

I have nothing against this particular rule. I mean, it’s all for your own good. But when I’m 20, I know how harmful any vice is. If I STILL opt to go ahead and say I’m not addicted, it does NOT mean that I’m in denial. It means I can handle it. I’m not a bloody child for the love of god!

#5 : No “bad words”

Oh yes. Civilised society does not entitle you to have the freedom of expression to speak out your mind. Expletives are frowned upon. People look at it as a mindset of an individual rather than just a way of taking out all your frustration. Have you ever noticed how most expletives are bi or tri-syllabled? Also, if you observe, repeating them continuously makes you take out all your frustration by simply emphasising on particular syllables. For example, fu-kkk is the best way to take out most of your frustration.

Yes, I hate civilised society except for one aspect – “Survival of the fittest” is no longer a lifestyle for homo sapiens. If it was, I wouldn’t have made it to 20 years of existence.

yes, I hate life right now. Like I said before .. So sue me 😐