Yes, it has been long. So long, in fact, that I forgot my wordpress password 😀

I am so so so so so happy to be back home and to be eating edible food 🙂

These holidays are gonna be busy though (as was the 4th semester). I have been back a week and I’ve finished an entire IPT at BSNL offices in Tambaram. Pradeep and Sathyaraj came to stay over at my place for the IPT and thanks to them, none of the days so far have been boring. We’ve been roaming around like mad in the Chennai sun. From going to Mocha morning, afternoon and night with Pradeep’s friend, Shiva to meeting up with Satyaki impulsively without thinking … It’s been good. I still have 2 more IPTs left. One in Pune and one, hopefully confirmed, in Bangalore and I’m quite unfazed about all the travelling.

As with all holidays, this has been a boring one. So boring in fact that I’ve mastered the art of feeling that I’m in REM sleep. I can feel dreams when they occur and bend them to my will *mimicks evil laugh* … When I sit back and think about it, I realise that these are the kind of things all spiritual leaders claim as part of their enlightenment. Screw them! All this requires is an iron set will to not have nightmares.

Talking of dreams, I saw this movie called “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind” a few days ago and I must admit … It was frickin good. The story revolves around this couple that get together, fight and then go to this place called Lacuna corp to get their memories erased. Jim Carrey carries his role to perfection but the best part of the movie are these dreamy sequences. Jim Carrey is getting his memory erased of his girlfriend and all his memories are pulled up and destroyed and even though he wants to stop the process, he can’t wake up long enough to do it.

My upanayanam got over yesterday and I’m now officially a brahmin. Which implies I can’t get to any sort of mischief 😉

The new TV arrived some time ago and man, is it good. Specs : LED, full HD, usb support, 32 inches … Virtually the most advanced thing in the market as of the end of may, 2010. I’m downloading a blu ray movie to see the effect completely 😀

Got my phone rooted at last. All I have to wait for is a stable eclair ROM and I’ll be set with a working bluetooth file transfer.

Birthday is around the corner and I’m trying to leave before that to avoid giving treats (I’m evil, I know) and to avoid getting gifts (I hate that).

Plans of Iron Man 2 got dropped today. Bah. I so badly wanted to see the movie but we had to wait for whiney boy vikku to get back 😥

I have a truckload of movies I want to watch and no time to do so. Sigh. Oh well … back to android 😀

PS: Publishing this post from the phone. Expecting a profound number of typos … Lets see 🙂