Hitman 5: Absolution

No, the game hasn’t released yet. But the teaser has come out.

Oh yes, it looks completely awesome albeit too short to give you any adrenaline rush.

But of particular interest is this: At 0:21, they show the famous hitman barcode that Agent 47 has on the back of his head. So? It looks something like this.


Now, I’m no conspiracy theorist or someone who speculates a lot but those first 6 numbers – they are NOT from the usual Agent 47 barcode. Those 6 numbers are originally 640509 – Birthdate of the clone that is Agent 47. Now, WHY would they change that? Is it the date of release of the actual game itself?

Unfortunately no. Its just that 07/06/2011 or 06/07/2011 (depending on which format you follow) is the start date of E3 2011. Hopefully, there is a better trailer coming up. Until then, I will lose quite some sleep.

PS: Square Enix – yes, THE Square Enix is the publisher this time. No, I don’t expect FF graphics to be showcased here considering its IO’s own proprietary Glacier 2 engine.

PPS: I’ll write a detailed post about why I love the franchise as such a little later.