The Perfect Configuration – Mac on Ubuntu

Yes, long time since I posted blah blah.

This is a tech post. So no, nothing interesting for the casual reader. Move on.

The best part about Mac is the interface. There is no comparison with Windows (8, at least). Anyway, I thought I’d make a post on it – both as a manual to refer to later and as a tome to perfecting it after nearly 2 hours of tinkering.

This post will cover just the major mac interface components – the dock and the genie effect.

The Dock – Install Cairo dock from Ubuntu store.

The Genie Effect – Install compiz config editor (I don’t remember the package name etc so just Google it).

The settings:

Configure the dock to start on startup. This is per usual. Right click the dock and click configure and tinker in the settings.

Now, open the compiz editor. First enable wobbly windows (it’s a nice effect) if you want to. Read whatever dialog props and up and click the necessary button. Then, click Animations under Effects. Click the Minimise Animation tab. Click on the Zoom animation enabled by default, click Edit and change the effect to Magic Lamp (basically Genie). Tinker around a little with the timer (it’s in milliseconds) until you get the right effect you desire. Mine is set somewhere around 450 milliseconds. Now, the minimise and maximise animation is perfect. Problem is the wobbly windows interferes with both and creates some very undesirable effects (go ahead, try it). So, if you’ve enabled wobbly windows, there is one more step. Click the Wobbly Windows button (not the check box) inside compiz editor and uncheck Maximise Effect (right at the bottom).

That’s it. You’re done. Now, your Linux behaves more like a mac but is still awesome. Tinker around inside the Compiz editor if you want. There are some very interesting animations.

Personally, I enabled Wave under Focus Animations. Gives a nice sorta effect.

I’m thinking about making those mouse gestures work (apart from the double tap to right click though — I hate that) from Mac. Switching workspaces and displaying all windows and what-you-have. Should do it sometime soon.

Anyway, adios!


One response to “The Perfect Configuration – Mac on Ubuntu

  1. Yes, I agree as much as I like to talk bad about Mac I do like certain aspects of its interface such as the dock at the bottom, in fact I liked it so much that I simulated it in cairo-dock under Ubuntu 10.10

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