The Dark Knight never rose

I am a very sadistic person and an inveterate troll. So, the tl;dr version of this article is at the very end :P . Also, this whole post is filled with spoilers and I’ve warned you so don’t blame me later.

So, after much anticipation, patience that may have made me tear my hair a little and a lot of planning, I made the absolutely impromptu decision to book the tickets an hour and a half before and rush to the theatre. Now, as most of my posts would show, I would have generally talked about the journey, the scenic skyline of Dubai, how God must teach these Arabs about austerity and so on. Fortunately for you, O reader who has not hit the tl;dr, I am going to go straight into the movie.

03 Fire Rises Poster

I was, to put it *very* succinctly, disappointed with TDKR. I expected a movie to top the Dark Knight but frankly, it never came close. Although it baited me with excitement for well over an year and almost made me happy at some point, it stopped well short of the true adrenaline rush that the second movie provided.

I have seen the dark knight .. well, innumerable times. I have dissected the movie with a laser edged knife and I find hardly any faults in the movie. The plot was absolutely stunning with connections beginning to fall into place from the absolute start of the movie. I found absolutely nothing of the sort in TDKR.

I generally dispose of logic when seeing superhero movies. But some of them, like Iron Man and Batman, make me more alert than usual where the logic is concerned. Most of the elements are within the confines of present day technology and there is hardly anything supernatural in these movies. It then disappoints me when these movies do not adhere much to logic and rely more on .. well, other things.

For instance, did the extremely paranoid Bruce Wayne not check the history of the supposed Talia al Ghul? For a person touted as one the smartest people on the planet (both in the movies and in the books), he would’ve definitely discovered her. Also, someone needs to find out if the maneuverability of a low altitude flying machine. I mean, full 360s with a downward thrusting rotor? I’m not an aerospace engineer but that somehow doesn’t fit.

Also, the character of Batman is given very little importance in second movie. The focus is more on the Joker. Although the acting was absolutely phenomenal, it was more about how the character was formed. The Joker was depicted as an absolute maniac having no singular goal of any sort and simply using ingenuity and cunning to make Gotham bleed while making us laugh with absolutely ill timed fatal humour (I’m one of those disturbed people who find it extremely funny, actually).


One of my favourite scenes from the movie


Bane, on the other hand, was a metallic-voiced masked man who wanted to fulfill his masters dream of “cleansing Gotham”, which in my opinion was very dubious to start with. The true reason for Bane’s mask (according to the original comics) is absolutely disposed of. I mean, the story becomes a complete load of .. er, turd based substrate when you take out the whole storyline with the chemical that makes Bane stronger when he chooses. I like sticking to reality as well, but seriously, you could make that just as real if Iron Man 3 is *seriously* going to feature the extremis program as the rumours suggest. Also, Bane had a very inferior entry in the movies as compared to the comics. Nolan should’ve just used the original comic story line. If he really wanted to portray a mindless villain, he should’ve used my all time favourite tome of stupidity – Solomon Grundy.

There was also slightly less logic in this movie than usual. There was no explanation as to how Bruce Wayne makes his way back *into* Gotham when the whole city is under siege. Also, as a friend rightly pointed out, how did 3000 policemen kept underground for 3 months have not one wrinkle on their clothes or beards the size of Dumbledore’s? But I can overlook such trivial things when watching a movie more involving about its characters. Like The Dark Knight.

Finally, the plot. The Dark Knight had an intricately woven plot. True to Nolan style, there were clues dropped in it from the absolute start (Ramirez’s mom in the hospital, anybody?). The planning was absolutely immaculate. The only reason Joker lost was because his own psychotic social experiment back fired on him. True to his unpredictable style, there was very little Batman could stop him from doing. Yes, the plot was completely logical but it missed that little bit of Nolan in it that would’ve truly made it exceptional. Also, the fusion bomb story is SOOOOO cliché, I’m scared my eyes will pop out if I roll them around enough times to emphasize my point. But it held together, so I’m not complaining much. Bane and Talia al Ghul’s planning was just as perfect except for the part which relied on Bruce Wayne making her the guardian of the reactor. Also, I’d have loved it if Ra’s al Ghul had really come alive thus vindicating the Lazarus pit plot line.

Also, I don’t know if it was the theatre sound system but the Hans Zimmer magic was nowhere to be seen except in a few scenes like the one where the whole Bane plot falls into place and all the bridges out of the city are burned. I felt the music was an absolutely integral part of what made The Dark Knight so exciting and its puzzling that Nolan decided to skip on it this time around.

All in all, I didn’t like TDKR as much as I had expected. Yes, I went with a very dispirited bunch of theatre goers. There was not one whistle for the entry of either Bane or Bruce Wayne or even the bloody Batman! That may have influenced me but it generally makes me more objective about the movie rather than emotional about it. So no, the influence was not negative. And yes, I still did not like the epic conclusion to what is presumably the best superhero trilogy to date.

tl;dr : I saw TDKR and while I found it OK, it was nowhere near The Dark Knight.

6 responses to “The Dark Knight never rose

  1. Naan appave sonnen, ivan twist vaikkirennu solli edhuchu comedy pannuvaannu. Inception layum idhe dhaan sonnen. IMHO, I think we should be happy that he was able to get together such a stunning cast and grateful that he did not suddenly say The Cat was Talia al Ghul!

    • Dark Knight raised expectations da. Inception was extra ordinarily awesome. You have to accept that. TDKR, on the other hand, was not even close. Enakku twist vaendam. Nalla story vechchu usual Nolan direction pannale movie would have been awesome.

  2. Amazing story line and extraordinary screenplay have been the salient features of any Nolan movie and The Dark knight was the paragon of Nolan’s style. In an effort to meet the extremely high expectations, his focus shifted to other trivial aspects. And more importantly, as JOKER says in TDK ,” Gotham deserves a better classic criminal”, than BANE..

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