God of War


I was cleaning up the Hard Disk and found this post lying somewhere deep within the bowels of the myriad folders that my organised mind prefers to arrange my work in. If I ever develop an OS, file cross indexing with respect to attributes will receive top priority. GUI and user friendliness can suck it. Anyhoo, a little editing and some pictures later, here we are.

I’m more of a connoisseur of gaming rather than one of those hard core time-flies-by-while-I-game-like-a-mad-person type of gamer. I can sit on a level for hours just thinking what tricks they might have used for that particular type of interaction the user experiences. What can I say? Graphics intrigue me. Not solely because of the amazing amount of concise programming they would have used for optimisation.

Anyway, when I bought the PS3, I got God of War 3 free along with it. Let me tell you something – There are few games which show off the might and power of that gaming console like GoW3. Suffice it to say, even my mom, who has no interest whatsoever in gaming and looks on at blu ray with some mild interest even though each frame is about 10 times as vivid as it’s older counterparts, was thoroughly impressed. Of course, the home theatre system gave life to all the sounds of the game but the animations were really something to look at.

Kratos - Man of men.

God of War 3 is a fantasy third person action adventure game created by Santa Monica studios. I have always appreciated Sony as a company with every bit of awesome foresight in terms of what companies to buy. I mean .. Santa Monica, Naughty Dog etc. .. They’ve got their heads on straight. God of War 3 is the first game in the series to feature on the PS3. To say they have done an awesome job of it would be an understatement. The game is exceptionally good.

GoW 3 follows where it left off in GoW 2. The protagonist is a dude called Kratos. I’ll be frank here – I don’t know *how* they did it but Santa Monica somehow created a character who can make every dude feel like a girl. Kratos oozes testosterone. There is no other way I can put it. One scar across his eye, covered in ash dust, goatee, bald head, body paint , two absolutely wicked looking blades connected to him by a chain, inhuman strength owing to demi god descent, voice like a truck going over very coarse gravel. He can make any other character feel like a pussy.

Suffice it to say that if an evil genius scientist took genes from Chuck Norris, Mr T, Bruce Lee, Superman, Batman, Magneto, Charles Xavier, Goku, Cell, Silver Surfer and Galactus and whoever else you can think of and spliced them together to create the perfect being, Kratos would take all of 10 minutes to bury that guy so deep in the ground, he’d think twice about coming out and fighting again.

The story is quite complicated – Kratos is this dude who is a former Spartan warrior and has those blood tattoos exactly like his brother. He sacrifices his family and kills Ares to become the God of War and help the Spartans win. The other Gods in Olympus hate his guts and plot his downfall. Zeus takes all his power through his sword and leaves him defenceless. Finally, Kratos realises that Zeus is his father and believe me when I say this, the guys who created the character knew the meaning of “His rage was great to behold!”. Vowing vengeance against Zeus and the rest of Olympus, Kratos stands on the brink of destroying the entire planet as he kills one god after another thanks to his own inhuman demi-god strength. That is how GoW 3 starts. I don’t know what it is about that starting scene but it gives me quite an adrenaline rush.

The God of War series is actually quite famous for its gory scenes. Blood spatters and limbs are torn like nobody’s business. My mom gave up long ago on such advice as is given by the ESRB dudes to anyone who’d listen. She’s seen me play through Mortal Kombat 4, Half Life and so much else. This game, although similar (there is only so much blood you can spill … unless you are Quentin Tarantino), has some .. er, unsavoury elements. I’ll not go very deep into that but let’s just say that Aphrodite tries seducing Kratos in the middle of the game and she is dressed .. well, a little sparsely (nod to the dudes doing sparse signal processing) if I might say so. I will now list all the boss fights. You can find all this info on Wikipedia, obviously, but take it from me, the videos are worth it.

Kratos starts at the base of mount Olympus where Zeus sends all of his minion gods to defeat him. The starting scene in GoW 3 is an absolute treat. As Kratos, you are on the back of Gaia, a titan. Gaia herself is climbing on mount Olympus and you are literally hitching a ride. The whole scene is an animation and not a cut scene. The first god to fall is Poseidon. Although the kill is quite gory, this is just the start.


The context buttons (all those buttons popping up) make sure your kill looks awesome although limiting the choice. He then proceeds to kill Hades, the god of the underworld.


This is followed by Helios. Now, *this* is a murderous kill. Just watch it. Gore max btw 😀


Those monsters you saw are pretty common in the game so don’t be alarmed. Also, he uses that head as a lantern for the rest of the game. In my eyes, that defines awesome 😀

The videos get boring so I’ll just list the next few boss battles – Hermes, Hercules, Hera and finally, after much ado, Zeus. The gore in the game is absolutely soul satisfying (assuming you have a soul, of course). In the end, Kratos has killed all the gods and released the power of hope, which he had unwittingly taken from the Pandora’s Box, by driving Zeus’ sword through himself.

You can see a trail of blood showing that Kratos is alive but wounded. This is confirmed since there are rumours that the next instalment is coming out. Santa Monica outdoes itself every time. I wonder how they’ll outdo this masterpiece. I can’t frickin wait though m/


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