Agent Naapathi Yezhu – Mind it!

Naapathi Yezhu = 47 .. “Mind it” is a phrase most northies use to make fun of Rajni when they have no clue where it came from.

Assassination games and movies are my absolute favourite. I don’t know why, frankly. I am a big fan of the Bourne series, the Hitman franchise, the Assassin’s Creed franchise and anything related to silent killing. I’ve read Day of the Jackal twice .. which is a feat for any Forsyth book.

It comes as no surprise that I find the Hitman franchise irresistible. I love everything about the Hitman game. In fact, it is the only third person action/adventure I play at full difficulty.

As with any game, my connection with it starts at one particular point in time. My memory archiving methods give me easy access to such things.


My tryst with the franchise starts somewhere in 9th std – sometime around 2005. I was over at a friends place because I was bored. He was playing Hitman: Contracts on his PS2 while I was simply reading some Marvel comic deluxe edition I found lying around. I finished the comic and was watching him play while my mind was elsewhere. But sometimes your subconscious actually registers what you’re seeing. In this case, I registered how my friend executed a full contract. Starting from the briefing till the debriefing. It stunned me out of my reverie. I found it exceptional.

I mean – starting from the garrotte wire kills, the dress changing, the walking with a careful speed so as to not draw attention, looking out and recording the patrolling patterns of the guards, the lethal poison you administer to the soup the target is going to consume and finally, exiting without so much as leaving a blip on the enemy radar. The whole precision and clockwise MO of the protagonist was exhilarating (nope, I’m not using the wrong word here).

My friend offered me the controller and I finished one mission since I was given the chance. The game mechanics took quite some time to master and I was glued to the controller for almost 2 and a half hours since I refused help from my more experienced friend.

After that, 2 board exams and various college entrances happened. The game simply slipped out of my mind. Then came 2nd year of college when laptops were allowed into hostels. My roommate brought the Hitman: Blood Money game from somewhere. I was a bit experienced so he let me play along with him.

I convinced him to play the game at full difficulty from the start. We finished level after level with our exams looming about a day away. I managed to scrape through as usual. My roommate got so pissed that I convinced him to play and lose his grades that he never came near me again during exams 😀

Hitman: Blood Money .. SUCKED. I dunno how else I can put it. I never expected it to be this stupid. I mean, I played Contracts, which was very very advanced for its time. Blood Money had some superb moments but the story hardly held together, the gameplay mechanics were kind of nutty. Eidos seems to have been in a hurry with the whole game because the story didn’t make much sense.

Hitman 5: Absolution has been slated for release some time soon. I can’t wait for the game and I’m hoping Eidos got its priorities right. From what I can see, this is an absolute hit franchise they’ve got on their hands.

For one, a little weapon variety would be nice. I mean, the silverballer is trademark and all that but seriously, sometimes, an air pistol would be good and it’d also make sense that it stays hidden while a 17 inch gun like the Silverballer is not as easy to move around with.

Next, a better story please. I understand cloning technology is the absolute base of the Hitman series, but honestly man, I’m bored of it. Give me a little more conspiracy and all that crap.

A little vengeful killing on the part of 47. Blood Money did not have this while I distinctly remember this happening at the end of Silent Assassin. A deadly assassin using resources most government agencies can’t get their hands on takes a little personal time to clean up the skeletons in his closet – can it ever get more badass? 😀

Some new gameplay mechanics would be good. Torture scenes for extorting information about a target maybe? Splinter Cell Conviction had this integrated in an awesome way (smashing a guys head into a sink – that is so m/ 😀 ). The Hitman franchise has a lot more scope for implementing this.

Here’s hoping for some awesomeness in the new game 🙂

PS: Yes, I find the concept of a bald guy with a bar code not getting noticed by security personnel as a tad stupid as well. But then, Fisher’s night vision goggles are supposed to be invisible to naked eye. I suppose some sacrifices have to be made for creating a logo for the franchise.


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