So, I finally convinced my dad to buy me an iPod on his latest trip to the US. I’m not a big show off when it comes to technology. I buy everything to sate my own appetite rather than flaunt it to all my acquaintances (but it is a side effect, I concede).

So, even though I have around 40 GB of music, I thought I might as well go with the 32 GB model since my music collection will anyway exceed any storage device I obtain eventually. I was in a dilemma between buying a 120GB classic model or a 32GB iPod Touch 4G. I went with the latter since apps, rather than storage, are my bigger priority.

I still haven’t completely used it to my satisfaction. Right now, its mostly for listening to music and checking out the iOS world before a jailbreak. Yes, I’m now a person of experience in both Android and iOS.

I’m more definitive than most people in the case of these comparisons between Android and iOS. I have always believed in an open environment and since Android is open from the get-go (I don’t like the use of the word conception since it means something entirely different in slang), I vehemently supported it.

Fact is, I’ve never lived with an iOS device in my household before. Now, considering my newer experience, and the fact that jailbreaks will give the iOS the “open” definition in some senses, I’m willing to change opinions.

I’m waiting for my 4mbps connection to jailbreak (I dunno why, I guess I just want it done faster), to download those free PS3 games Sony is offering (Nope, I’m not kidding you 😀 ) and usual browsing.

I’m leaving for Delhi the day after tomorrow. Hopefully, the internet connection has been set up there. I need to go get my dad’s civic (YEP! 😀 ) and ride it around. I’m taking my laptop so productivity would still be pretty low. Meh. I’ve stopped giving a damn.

PS: Listen to ‘3 different pigs’ by Pink Floyd. I can’t get that song off my head for some reason. Epic.


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