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So, my last few days of this semester are upon me. A year from now, I will be a graduate who will be thrust into the cruel backstabbing cutthroat world out there. I shall be helplessly overcome by the sheer multitudes that mass around me and feel like I’m just one among the throng of humanity.

“You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else”

– Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Meh. I couldn’t care less. People keep saying these things so often, I wonder if it’s actually true. If everyone was going to be faced with such odds in the “outside world”, I think the asylums would be a lot more full with voluntary admissions.

I think I should have become more mature by now. Shifted my areas of interest to working, reading serious books, following the stock market (?) etc. But me? I can’t WAIT to go home and get my hands on my PS3 😀

This summer is going to be fun. Movie sequels to some of my favourite movies are releasing (Kung Fu Panda 2 babyyyyyy 🙂 ) and some new awesome movies coming up (Thor) along with the leftover games that I can play at home (Portal 2, here I come). Not to forget all those books I still haven’t read (I shall honour Salman Rushdie by a reading :D) and the new iPod Touch which I can’t wait to jailbreak and start modding *rubs hands in glee*

Of course, there is the project work which needs to be done over the holidays. But then, when you have all the time in the world, hardly go out of your house and love to sit on your computer, you have a tendency to finish what work you have.

4 more days and I shall be back where I belong (?) and living the life. Good food, AC, laptop + PS3 + faster internet connection + home theatre system. I think I will interface everything 😀

Till then, 2 more exams + 1 awesome night + train journey back home 🙂


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  1. No dude,, that was the only way I could subscribe I think – write a comment. If it was exceptionally meaningful to your life and context, thank you; it was definitely unintentional. 😀

  2. Ah. That is strange. I have an RSS feed button on the right bar if you need it. Anyway, no. I was trying to stop you making more stupid comments 😛

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