The beast!

People nickname a lot of things. Their friends, themselves, their stuffed toys, teachers, college subjects, places, hang outs and finally their “little” selves 😉 😛

I nicknamed my laptop. No, not the old one. But my brand new laptop. Yes, congratulations are in order, jealous looks are anticipated, slander to be borne but its all worth it for this veritable beast that I almost tricked my father into buying 😀

But, let me relive my boorish awesomeness and my steadfast nature which facilitated me in getting this new toy.

I really needed a new laptop because I didn’t have enough power in my old one. I mean, it looked cool, downright cute and was very handy but it had an Intel Atom processor which made it about as powerful as my old home PC.

I brought up the subject in summer of 2010. Dad agreed immediately when I told him I needed it for studies. But I didn’t have the heart to give away my beloved netbook. So, I leave it at that.

Then, around October, my dad tells me to get a new laptop since he needs my netbook. I agree. But again, my love for my netbook stopped me from taking further action. Around November, my dad gets really frustrated and asks me to get one or he will buy one himself and it will be another netbook. I fought a little but left it at that since I had lost all need for a new laptop by then, what with Matlab no longer being part of my core syllabus.

In December during my holidays, my dad gets his frustration to peak and threatens to take my netbook away without buying me a new laptop. I get my legs under me and go shopping. I know what I want – an i7 core processor with whatever else can fit in the budget. I didn’t look far. I browsed the Dell site and ordered it online.



YES! I got a Dell XPS 😀

The specifications? I’m only too happy to tell you:

Processor – Core i7

Speakers – JBL 😀 😀 😀


Graphics Card – 2GB Nvidia GT series 😛

HDD – 500GB (Sad, I know 😦 )

3 USB ports; 2 of them being USB 3.0

Blu Ray Drive 😀

That’s about it I guess. Although I made a mistake of not buying a 9 cell battery with the laptop, the rest of it is well worth every penny. Its worked like a charm till now. Oh, btw, the screen is LED 😀 😀 😀

Yes, I miss my netbook but this is more than a good substitute. Downsides? The bloody weight of course. But the absolute raw power it gives is so satisfying to the absolutely deadened brain receptors which give a gap of almost 10 seconds to check the screen after clicking Firefox to check if it finally opened.

Oh well 🙂


2 responses to “The beast!

  1. @Ranga: 72k. I didn’t buy a macbook for 2 very good reasons:

    1) Apple products are never worth the money. When you have an alternative, you’d rather go for that.

    2) I have no clue what processor the Macbook has (I didn’t even check) and since my major concern was more power than anything else, I gave it a miss.

    I’m waiting for the home computer to completely disintegrate. I need a Mac at home for some powerful video editing anyway.

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