I think “Happy Birthday” is the most often sung song in English or something like that. Yes, it is my birthday today *acknowledges all wishes*

I’ve a private blog so I might as well write a post about how the day goes.

The biggest surprise from the start was that so many ppl remembered. I usually don’t get all these midnight calls from random girls and guys I hardly speak to in class. The usual messages from chennai friends came through on the dot (peppered with calls this time for some reason). I woke up to calls from ppl in other branches in college. I won’t flatter myself saying that I’m famous. I won’t lie to myself either saying I’m virtually unknown. But these many wishes when I don’t store my birthday in any social network … I still can’t express how surprised I am 🙂

Went to the temple in the morning with the new shirt in the unbearable heat. Slipped into the AC as soon as I came back. Had to come back home to eat though.

In the evening, I went to the beach to meet Vikku, Pavithra, Amogh and Swetha. Why? In my defence, I was lured there by Amogh under false pretences that everyone had assembled. Meh. My very very very bad. Anyway, we went to frankies while Amogh and Swetha ate at Pupil. And then … back home.

Spent the night at Vikku’s place playing Tekken. Quietest birthday I’ve had in sometime. Oh well … I loved it! 😀


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