The iPhone 4 :|

There are some tech companies which are good. There are some which are bad. But then there are others you just cannot classify. Apple, as you may have guessed from the last 3 sentences, falls in the third category.

iPhone 4 – the latest venture by Apple had everyone on their toes and I guess it’ll deliver to the target market. But the Smiley in the title says it all … I am not impressed. Here is some YouTube video my friend posted on Facebook (evidence of permeating social networking)

That is a trademark Apple ad in my opinion – brilliantly made, points put forward as easily as possible in layman language and they also showcase how advanced they really are. All of which is true … and yet insidiously over advertised in most ways.

For example, this FaceTime product their advertisement seems to be revolving around seems to be a big deal for them. Frankly, it isn’t. I live in India (assume I applied emphasis here because putting the country name in italics gives me a feeling of performing moral disgrace) and for me, 3G video calling (which is essentially what it is) is pretty commonplace even though the last time I checked there was just ONE operator providing 3G networks throughout the country – BSNL.

Then their next feature – multitasking. This is when frustration sets in. Multitasking is the most basic feature any respectable OS must have. Android had it from it’s earliest stage of development. The iPhone on the other hand went from iPhone 2G, 3G, 3G S and then 4 to get this feature. I just feel like going to one of their presentations and shouting “Big Deal” when they talk about it.

The HD recording is a new feature though. I find it intriguing. Recording video at 720p resolution from a phone. NOT something I’ve seen before.

The design is worth mention in that advertisement. I dunno if any of the hardware they show is news to the tech world but I trust Apple to at least pioneer design whatever they lack in any other field.

The worst part of the advertisement though is how those executives from the company react to the features. I mean … Did you see how that guy in the black dress made FaceTime look like a feature never seen before? Again, at the end, the fellow with glasses mentions how FaceTime is revolutionary enough to call for the release of a separate iPhone in it’s honour. I feel like punching those people when they show this look of being blown away by this feature and that one … It’s YOUR product for the love of god. Don’t act like it’s some meteor that fell from space and you harnessed it.

My 2 cents? : The user experience will be unbeatable as ever but please … if you want the REAL techies to appreciate the product, add some new features.

PS : Just noticed FaceTime works on Wi-Fi … Is it routed through the AT&T network or the Apple servers? I thought the former was the most obvious but now I have my doubts.


This and That *ramble ramble*

These days when you want to express something on the web or share something interesting, there appear to be a LOT of ways. For instance, among my friends, facebook seems to be a very permeating phenomenon.

Self styled web 2.0 elitists like me though give vent to all feelings and share information on almost all famous sites. The reason? It is a complicated one but what other job have I, lying down on the bed at 3 in the night and using the wordpress app to do what this post is describing.

But I digress as usual. The reason all elitists use all the networks possible is threefold.

The first – we don’t know which of these sites will survive the test of time (relates to very very bad pun if you’ve just spent the evening seeing PoP:SoT). Each of these sites has very high potential but no one is ever sure which is the best of them. For instance, Yahoo! has damn near died even though it had major hype for quite some years. For web visionaries (I’m starting to become delusional giving myself all these weird names, I swear), none of these are the ultimate social networking sites while all of them put together are.

The second reason – loss of information. The web has also become a major storage house of personal media and information. The very thought of losing any of this information gives some people the creeps. This is a branch off from reason 1 since dying company ==> loss of information. I personally trust google to never clear it’s storage banks (which contains MOST of my digital online data).

The third reason – being hip and happening. There are times when the newest start ups catch on so soon that people are amazed by it. The ones who were with the service from the start become these undesignated yet unanimously anointed “pro members” kinda users and get this fan following. Say what you want but having a web following is something else when you realise that the guy or chic who is admiring your work is from another part of the world 🙂

In my case, I have only few services I use to share feelings, links, info and all that – twitter, facebook, google buzz and wordpress.

Facebook and wordpress are obvious candidates. Twitter and Google Buzz is redundant usage since both are micro blogging sites. So redundant that my accounts in both sites are connected. What I post in one place, goes to the other which saves me unwanted trouble with copying pasting and all that. One of the two can survive.

Twitter is the pioneer. I cannot say whether it’s good or bad since whatever they do is the first thing ever of that kind in microblogging. So yeah, they have high chances of surviving. Google Buzz was a new startup and they started promoting the service in a revolutionary way (typical google). They provided mobile users with location based services and the ability to simply post online with a photo and all that on the go. All other social networks caught on a little later to this concept.

Social networks intrigue me a lot. As I said before, I’ve always believed one of the greatest goals of techonology was building the perfect social network (apart from solving multi dimensional equations, invent time travel, find the theory of everything and all that).

Anyway, typing on the phone is pretty cool (what with my supremely modded fyodor ROM and all that) but it’s getting painful. So yeah … adios!


I think “Happy Birthday” is the most often sung song in English or something like that. Yes, it is my birthday today *acknowledges all wishes*

I’ve a private blog so I might as well write a post about how the day goes.

The biggest surprise from the start was that so many ppl remembered. I usually don’t get all these midnight calls from random girls and guys I hardly speak to in class. The usual messages from chennai friends came through on the dot (peppered with calls this time for some reason). I woke up to calls from ppl in other branches in college. I won’t flatter myself saying that I’m famous. I won’t lie to myself either saying I’m virtually unknown. But these many wishes when I don’t store my birthday in any social network … I still can’t express how surprised I am 🙂

Went to the temple in the morning with the new shirt in the unbearable heat. Slipped into the AC as soon as I came back. Had to come back home to eat though.

In the evening, I went to the beach to meet Vikku, Pavithra, Amogh and Swetha. Why? In my defence, I was lured there by Amogh under false pretences that everyone had assembled. Meh. My very very very bad. Anyway, we went to frankies while Amogh and Swetha ate at Pupil. And then … back home.

Spent the night at Vikku’s place playing Tekken. Quietest birthday I’ve had in sometime. Oh well … I loved it! 😀