A Happy New Year!

Saturday, the 20th of December, 2009 was when we left Bombay. We had no hope of any of the tickets getting confirmed. But while we kept checking till the last moment, we found out that the tatkal ones had been confirmed. We packed and left immediately in a Toyota Innova. But here was the funny part. We left in such a hurry that we missed important details. Our train was at 2 and we left at around 12:20 which is quite late considering Bombay traffic. We were proceeding to Mumbai Central when I, fiddling around with the GPS in my new god-oh-it-is-SO-awesome phone that I noticed that we had booked in a station called CST and we were proceeding towards the one called Central. I pointed this out to Dad. We were in a fix. The actual station was nearly at the other end of the city and very difficult to get to in the limited time we had. Luckily, we were near a station where the train would stop en route called Dadar Western. All hunky dory? There was one very minute problem … The train stopped for exactly 3 minutes there in which time we had to load 2 old people and 6 bags and 2 pretty well sized suitcases on board along with the almost 20 other people who had decided to board the train in the same station within the same 3 minutes. Result? Chaos.

But we got on after a lot of effort on my part and a lot of shouting to let me do the lifting so that we could move a little faster and I would not be treated like an invalid. The journey was just awesome. There is no other word for it. We spent the whole time on the train doing various things like sleeping and ordering whatever passed the coupe 😀 … At the end of it all, it was better than a 2 hour flight which would deliver us early enough that the 5 grand that we spend on it seems like an utter waste.

The day after I came back, it was doc appointment time and I had my stitches removed (quite painful, I must say!). The rest of the hols were spent in catching up with some of my friends … Specifically, vikku, sand, sori, gl, arj, yele and amogh. It was fun while it lasted

College has not been all that fun till now. The subjects this sem seem absolutely horrid and the teachers appear to be worse. Only the teachers for COA and Probability and Statistics seem to be good.

Nothing special seems to be happening right now. So, adios!

And yeah, Happy New Year! 🙂


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